Message from the CEO


Now is a great opportunity to initiate a new era in computing technology. We believe it only happens every half a century. 

We aspire to be the next big thing and we are committed to oblige to this aspiration. Therefore, we need to build a strong team optimized for toughness. This is the reason why we shaped our Company Values specifically to our expectations. We rely on them for our daily operations. We also believe that these values are important in order to foster a great working environment. If you think you are what we are looking for, please contact us. If you think you’re not qualified for any vacancy/ies we offer, just send us an open application and we will find you a post that fits your skill/background.  

Think about the time when 2-wheeled bicycles were first introduced. No one would have thought about riding one because it seemed impossible to balance it. But somehow it caught on, and now billions of people use one for their daily transportation and recreation. People are naturally afraid of change when they see something new they have a tendency to reject its potential. Based on past experiences, some industry professionals easily conclude that new ideas are difficult to market. These shouldn’t discourage us to embrace something that could be the next “big” thing.

We want to be one of the top-level salary providers in every country we will operate in because we believe that top level performance deserves the right compensation. Of course, since the cash is limited until we start generating revenues, we will provide more stock options for contributors. We will decide an allocation of stock options based on each contribution. 

In order to provide that salary level, as a company, we have to generate enough profit from sales accordingly by delivering world-class products to consumers. This is not impossible as long as we can establish a great business model and the right mind-set for everyone in our team. In relation, an investment in R&D can assure us long-term success and a stable profit. By continuously unveiling cutting-edge products, we can attract more talented engineers/scientists/designers from around the world. We do want to strive for an innovative and unconventional image of a team that fosters creative freedom to challenge and inspire one another.

We recommend some books/videos here that might serve as catalysts of change in your careers.

Ko Kijima, CEO