September 12, 2016

16Lab to Unveil Ultra-small All-in-one IoT Module

Kamakura, Japan — September 12, 2016 — 16Lab, developer of an ultra-small wearable ring device, OZON™, announced the release of a new IoT module, “OZON™ Blue Match,” for third-party IoT developers. 16Lab has succeeded in reducing the form factor by approximately 40% in this model compared with what we have designed a year earlier. It is the world’s smallest all-in-one type module with 6.4mm x 9.5mm x 1.7mm size (claim based on our own investigation).

16Lab defines this new model as a base module which is equipped with a communication function as well as a motion sensor — these are standard functions for wearables in any shape or form. Wearable developers can choose a combination of this base module and functional module/s based on their demands. Functional modules, which include a battery and a vibration device module and a secure element module etc., will be announced later. Like toy blocks, customers can build a perfect solution by just selecting the base module and adding functional module/s they prefer. 16Lab’s modular design approach was adopted because it believes that each customer requires different specifications in terms of, for instance, battery and/or vibration device based on the size of their products. The approach enables customers not to develop custom-made circuits for their wearables. In addition, it will pave the way for a broader customer base toward non-technology companies such as luxury fashion brands that try to make smart accessories.

16Lab believes that it has the world’s No.1 ultra-low power consumption technology for wearables. It is highly important technology, because less battery capacity leads directly to much smaller devices. More importantly, this technology is the most basic foundation in order to make wearables much safer. For example, 16Lab’s ring device is equipped with a battery which is 30 times smaller than that of major smart watches. This makes the device significantly less prone to battery problems and much safer than existing mobile devices. It should be noted that wearables have to be designed, too, based on safety because, by definition, wearables are worn and have the highest contact on human skin.

16Lab also has a super accurate 3D motion analysis technology. The technology is fully applicable to various fields. Its application is not only limited to the entertainment industry; it also has a variety of industrial usages such as in the medical equipment and the robotics industry in which it would function as a motion detector and/or a controller.

These technologies will be provided to 16Lab’s module customers, too. The OZON™ Blue Match module will be displayed at the TechCrunch Disrupt 2016 San Francisco. Please visit us at our booth at the Japan Pavilion, Startup Alley. Detailed information, such as a price and/or a launch schedule, will be announced later.

OZON™ Blue Match

Bluetooth® 4.2 + 9D motion sensor module


Dimensions:  6.4mm x 9.5mm x 1.7mm  (0.252” x 0.374” x 0.067”)

The module comes with a pre-programmed firmware which allows access to all features over Bluetooth Low Energy; embedded programming skills are not needed. Software development kit and sample codes are available for Windows 10, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. The said module has hardware support for 2Mbps GFSK modulation for the upcoming Bluetooth® 5.0 and can be upgraded by software when this Bluetooth standard becomes available.

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16Lab Inc.

16Lab is a startup which has gathered some of the best engineering minds from around the world in order to develop its ring-type wearable computing device as a next generation computing platform. 16Lab is a fabless company focusing on development resources in its core competence, such as an ultra-low power consumption technology and a super accurate 3D motion analyses. 16Lab has successfully built a development consortium of Engineering Partners with global-top level technology in all areas. Alps Electric, one of the leading manufacturers of electronic components, is a core partner. 16Lab is a recipient of the Japanese government’s subsidy program called the NEDO R&D Venture Support Program that supports highly competitive R&D-oriented innovative startups. Moreover, 16Lab was awarded top prizes at the Japan-UK Tech Awards 2015 and at the CEATEC Innovation Awards 2015 (Home Entertainment).

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