October 24, 2014

Announcing OZON™ ‒ A New Personal Computing Device with Useful Functionality and Superior Reliability.

OCTOBER 24, 2014 ‒16Lab, a wearable device maker and software developer based in Kamakura, Japan,
announces the release of OZON™ (pronounced, ōzōn), a personal computing ring-device. OZON™ is worn as a ring and, through gestures, controls PCs, smartphones, tablets, cameras, televisions, lighting fixtures, and potential for several other electrical appliances. In addition, OZON™ functions as a contactless key for entry into and locking homes and offices and, potentially, an electric-wallet for payment transactions on the go.


16Lab has developed OZON™ with an emphasis on featuring “useful functionality and superior reliability” as a computing device. In order to ensure ultra-safe security, user-friendliness, and reliability inside a compact device, 16Lab has garnered the best minds in engineering, manufacturing, and design from around the world to establish a successful platform based on open innovation conducive to developing this device.


Equally important, 16Lab has developed OZON™ with an emphasis on integrating fashionable design features for the very fact that it is a ring. We have self-developed exclusively designed key components, rendering the designer an optimal platform to designing a ring-device that is fashionably compact and smart, without sacrificing technological intelligence.


16Lab has partnered with designer Manabu Tago (MTDO Inc.) who leads industrial design and brand management as Creative Director. Manabu is an award-winning designer based in Japan who is credited with 3 of the world’s most prestigious design awards.


In addition to attractive design features, OZON™ naturally adapts to personal lifestyles with ease of use to the extent that users become unconscious that they are wearing it, as they swipe, rotate, gesture in 3D with intuitive ease and accuracy to controlling things at will.


16Lab is now preparing for pre-order sales of the OZON™ developer kit for the remainder of 2014 and will launch it in summer 2015 in 8 countries.


Announcement of details including product specifications, development schedules, commercial launch, and retail outlets, as well as SDK release dates will be announced when we begin taking pre-orders.

16Lab is a startup focused on developing personal computing devices with a mission “to deliver display-less
computing technology to all people.” 16Lab has garnered the best minds from around the world to exclusively develop end-to-end hardware and software features; in addition to establishing key partnerships in manufacturing as it maintains a development platform based on open innovation.

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