September 17, 2014

16Lab to Unveil Ring-like wearable computing device

KAMAKURA, Japan — September 17, 2014 — 16Lab today announced to unveil a working prototype of a Ring-like wearable computing device exclusively at an invitation-only event in Tokyo. 16Lab is developing a wearable computing device as a platform in order to make users’ lives more convenient, focusing on intuitive solutions which can capitalize on the strengths of wearable devices. There are a variety of users’ daily actions which can be supported by computers without the need of a display and a well thought-out software portfolio that will lead users to use the ring device all day long. It can be used as a gesture controller, an alert tool, non-contact keys and an e-wallet.


16Lab has been focusing its deepest effort on “functionality with greater reliability” in order to make the ring device extremely reliable and safe as a wearable communication platform, which requires much safer level than traditional mobile devices. In particular, since the ring device has an ultra small scale body, truly top level global technologies are being utilized in the development process. In order to deliver higher safety and greater satisfaction to users in general, 16Lab has been teaming up with reputable industry partners in production and design.


Among technology partners, Alps Electric, the co-developer of 16Lab, has an extensive know-how on wireless technology and downsizing. In addition, 16Lab is strongly supported by an array of top-level partners, including a battery manufacturer, a semiconductor producer and a specialty chemical maker. Many key components are specifically custom-made for the ring device.


In terms of design, a truly well-experienced designer, Mr. Manabu Tago, leads the design management of 16Lab. His recent achievement include the three most prestigious international design awards; “reddot design award best of the best 2013,” “iF design award 2013 GOLD” and “International Design Excellence Awards ‘14 BRONZE.” A main supplier of the ring body is a metallic-processing company which employs one of the highest technology in ultraprecision cutting and polishing. They have a long history supplying watch cases to one of the luxury watch brands.


16Lab is now preparing for pre-order sales of the ring device as a developer kit for the remainder of 2014 and will launch it in the 2Q of 2015 in 8 countries. Prior to an announcement of the product specification, 16Lab is arranging an opportunity to unveil the working prototype to the public in October at the ANY TOKYO.

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16Lab LLC

A recently established hardware startup, consisting of international team members. Ko Kijima serves as CEO. Headquartered in Kamakura, Japan. For an increase in capital in October, 16Lab LLC will be changed to its legal formation into 16Lab Inc..


Mr. Tago Manabu

Mr. Tago is a leading authority in design management. A recipient of the following awards for his excellence in design: “reddot design award best of the best 2013,” “iF design award 2013 GOLD” and “International Design Excellence Awards ‘14 BRONZE.” He currently leads the design management for 16Lab LLC. In addition, he is an author of a popular book entitled “Design Management” , which belongs to the top ranking titles under the company management category for


Since its founding in 1948, Alps Electric has supplied around 40,000 types of electronic Components to over 2,000 manufacturers of home appliances, mobile devices, automobiles and industrial equipments, allowing them to identify market and technological trends. The company delivers optimal products by responding quickly and appropriately to customer and market requirements. As a current focus they look to support the creation of a low-carbon, digital society leading to the development of power-efficient green device.



One of the famous design events. It will be held in late October in central Tokyo. Selected top-level designers from all over the globe would take part in the event.

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